Monday, August 31, 2009




Acrylic on Canvas

available tonight on my websight

I think that my sight has enough "large" paintings for the moment...I've started painting some little 8x8 gems that are going to be great for Christmas gifts! One painting that is almost finished has black polka dotted feet and a crystal doorknob on top...Love working with the small canvases. You can add so much "stuff" to them! I'll post her when I'm done.

If you haven't popped over to my website, please stop in for a visit! JacksonSquare Studios is filled with whimsical and eclectic artwork for just about anywhere in your home. If you don't see what you like, I'd be glad to do a commissioned piece as well! I painted a beautiful piece "Eartha and the Angel" and sold it before a friend could see it - inspired by her kitty that passed away and now I find that I'm swamped with orders for little girls holding their kitties. I'd love to paint someone's pup! There's an e-mail option on the site!!

Life is good right now, I've got paint crusted on my hands and my studio is a mess! That must mean I'm workin!! My loved one just made me a second table for my studio...she made it out of an old chippy door and spindles. OOH....the surface area I've got now...I'm drooling! Once she gets all of her tools out of there, a goold ol'e cleaning will definately be in order.

Happy Monday to all of you..I'm off to the surgeon today to hear the bad (or good )news about my back. Having severe pains down my legs, numbness in my toes and legs...MRI didn't look promising. It was actually 4 fully typed pages long!! So, I've been referred to a "Spinal Reconstructive Surgeon". Hmmmmm, what other type of news do you suppose he has to tell me!

Enjoy your day!


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Kim Mailhot said...

Loving your arty ladies - so much texture !
Adding you to my prayers as you meet with the docs and find ways to deal with your pain.
Gentle hugs !