Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Art Work..Blackbirds Fly

Blackbird Singing in the dead of night

Take these broken wings and learn to fly
"Blackbirds Fly"

Just finished this 12 x 12 mixed media piece..took me longer than usual due to my surgery. I'm moving a bit slow these days but I'm determined that this is not going to get me down. We will be adding this to my website JacksonSquare Studios on Thursday.

Stay tuned for more art updates...I'm trying to get back in the groove again - It's been awhile since I've felt like painting or doing anything for that matter! Hope you are enjoying the first taste of fall!

Have a great day!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Day of 20% off Sale

My month long September Sale is coming to an end....if you have your eye on any of my art work on my site ( now is the time to buy! Until September 30, all art on the site is 20% off! That's a deal...for all you art lovers out there!
Purchase directly from the site, or e-mail me at

So head right over and see what's left cause after September, we will be restocking the shelves for October madness!!
Have a great day!,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Melange Team Challenge - Heavenly

Jane, originally uploaded by jacksonsquarestudios.

This week's Melange Team Challenge is "Heavenly" Since I haven't been able to pain lately, I brought out my painting "Jane" that I paintied while taking Jane Des Rosier's class. I just love her techniques. I can only aspire to be half as good as her!

Go to the Melange Team Website and look at the other great blog entries....they are quite Beautiful!!

Have a heavenly day.
XO Karen

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Home from Back surgery..on the mend

Pink Bedroom SlippersImage by via Flickr

So surgery went well! Amazinly well! The first few hours were a bit worrisome...There was much more to do inside my spine than he anticipated (he had to "chistle" much longer than usual and had to move my spine over to get to a large calcification). All of this meant, two hours longer in surgery and the probability of more pain. When I woke up, my leg was hurting like crazy! I was so disappointed but when my doctor was notified, he ran three doses of massive steroids and that pain went away.

It's Thursday morning, I've been home since yesterday and am doing great! The only pain I have is getting up and down. No leg pain, no hip pain - which is blesssed relief. I had so many people tell me that last day work "I'm praying for tomorrow" - I have to believe that someone was listening because I could have been feeling much worse right now! I don't want to push it...but I'm going to try to get in the studio and paint just a little this afternoon and a little longer tomorrow. I'm not going to push myself...I'll just see how it goes!

How's your days? Are you creating anything ? I'd love to see it. (Living vicariously through others, you know??)

Have a great day!

XO Karen


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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finished Product...

The Good Witch
is finished....

the combination of

texture and wax


pretty cool!!

Have a great day,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gwyn the good witch

Gwyn the good witch, originally uploaded by jacksonsquarestudios.

Here's my entry for the team challenge this week "Wee Witches". I haven't painting much due to my upcomin back surgery and horrible back and leg pain but I must say...I'm missing my studio like crazy! I saw the topic, had this little sketch drawn up and the background already to go....and well, her you go!

Gwyn, the Good Witch is a mixed media piece completed on a 12 x 12 piece of birch panel. I used modeling paste on the background to create a textured background and painted over it with a sort of china blue color. My little with is collaged on along with patterned papers, book pages and sheet music for interest. There's some stamping and painting on the background for visual interest too. A little sparkle and charcoal for aging the piece and she's ready to go! Hope you enjoy her. She will be posted on my website this weekend for sale.

If you are interested before then. send me a comment and we can work something out!!

Go over to the Melange Team Site and check out all of the beautiful artwork that the team members submit! You will be amazed by the loveliness of it all! You might even be tempted to join in next don't have to be a member to play!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Balancing Act"
available at JacksonSquare Studios
Finally, the doctor has determined that I need back surgery. I will have the surgery on Tuesday and my hope is that by Wednesday, this pain in my leg will be completely gone! I'm still amazed that I went to the doctor complaining of leg and back pain, he recommended an injection, I got it and immediately the pain increased. Within a week, I could barely walk and now I need surgery. When I asked how this happened, he said "Bad luck and bad genes". Wow!
No painting in almost a week. I've done a bit of sketching but no painting - that's one of the worst things about all of this! I'm hoping to get an ice pack, prop up my foot and get in the studio this weekend!
Have a great night,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Giveaway Winner!


I had a giveaway this weekend on my Fan Page on Facebook....Anyone that signed up as a subscriber was eligible to win artwork on my webpage..(the 12th person to sign up). I will be wrapping this little piece "Jenna" and sending her on her way to North Carolina.

Have a great Tuesday,


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Art Updates

Precious and Me

A beautiful little fairy with her kitty "Precious"


Dancing Doll

My daughter my friend

It's been difficult to paint this week...the injection I got in my back seems to have made things worse. The doctor seems to think that the discs that were injected may have herniated or ruptured so I am getting a new MRI on Monday. Meanwhile, I am barely walking, am sleeping in a chair and am in the worst pain I've ever been in my life! I'm just hoping that once the doctor diagnosis the problem that they fix it QUICK!

I'm adding these little canvases to my website this week. They are the bright colors and all of them have either wooden knobs or glass knobs on top! They will be priced at $24.95....what a DEAL!! Go to and pick up one today!!

Have a great Sunday!!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Show Off Monday

"On My Toes"
It's Show Off Monday over at the Etsy Cottage Style Blog....
and I'm showing off my newest artwork.
She's a whimsical little fairy on a 12 x 12 wood panel
hanging out on a textured terra cotta finish, a cute little flower box
and a couple of little birdies.
She will be available on my site - JacksonSquare Studios
and will look great in any room in your home!

Be sure to check out all of the other blogs
that are "Showing Off" today!
Have a GREAT Labor Day!

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Art Work..Bedtime with Billie

Off to Bed

Little Billie

Your blankie and puppie will keep you safe....

Last night's art. Isn't she cute? I just love the snippet of vintage linen that I used for her blanket. I was in a "pink" sort of mood when I created this sweet piece! She will be posted on for sale my website this weekend.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taking a Day of Rest

Emily and Alex

This is the painting I've been working on for one the twins birthday presents. My nieces will be 24 later this month - I have raised them since a couple years after their mother died (my baby sister). They have turned out to be two beautiful young ladies - I dislike saying "nieces" because I think of them as my daughters. I love them so much. I know that my girls have always thought of them as sisters as well. So here's one painting finished - I scanned it and it looks a little dirty, it's really not as shabby as it looks here. It's actually really sweet. Lindsay's is finished as well, but just not waxed yet.

I'm taking a much needed day of rest. I think I worked 16 days in a row then had an epidural injection in my spine yesterday. Oh my Goodness, did that hurt! No medication to relax me, nothing...just a big ole needle deep into my discs that have no room in between the bones. I had no color in my face to begin with because I was feeling nauseous before I got there...I walked out of there lookin CHALKY. Yesterday was the worst day I've had in a while. Anyway, today's a bit better. Stomach still a bit queasy but my back doesn't feel as bad as yesterday and my leg doesn't feel that it weighs 50 lbs! Today..just rest and naps. That's it. I'm at the edge of exhaustion!

I just discovered Zazzle and all it has to offer. I can put my artwork on notecards, greeting cards, shoes....the possibilities are endless. I created a bunch of little notecards this morning and posted them for sale. They are really cute for less than $3.00. Take a look at my shop..It's JacksonSquare Studios....

I'll be back with more art soon...and if you haven't already...go to my website..

Have a lovely day,


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