Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flea Market Saturday!!

It was 85 degrees outside today....
A perfect day for the Flea Market!
Some chairs and a big ole Fan.

No rhyme or reason to the order of this furniture.

Love this chippy blue table. I had to walk away from it but I'm still imagining it in my house.

Love all the colors in this photo!

She must have gotten a deal on cigar boxes. They were everywhere!
What did I get? I forgot to take pictures of my stuff!!
I got another ledger...(I'm amassing quite a collection)
and a drawer full of rusty bits and pieces to use in
collage and assemblage. Spent all of $10.00
Hope you enjoyed your Saturday!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whew....What a Week!

Today started out as a beautiful, sunny, spring morning. We brought our lunch downtown by the lake and enjoyed the breeze. These tulips are in full bloom.

The colors are absolutely beautiful aren't they?

I think we caught them just in time. Next weekend, I have a feeling they will start dropping their petals.

Today, they were standing tall in the breeze....

"My Sister, My Friend"


What a week I have had! Our patients are as sick as can be! It seems like everyone of them are angry, assaultive, suicidal or psychotic! When I left on Friday, I felt I barely escaped with my life! This past week makes me question my career choice and my ability to stay sane!

On a happier note....I've gotten to finish a little bit of art this week. I finished the collage posted above...It's on art board and covered with beeswax...I think it turned out beautiful. You can't see it but it says "The best thing about having a sister is always having a friend".

I'm also working on my dolls in my Suzi Blu Les Petite Dolls workshop. We started shading the faces this week.....I'm so out of my element with the colored pencils but it is fun! I'm a obsessive compulsive doodler and faces are something I draw all the time so it's nice to get some direction. It's also nice to see everyone else's work - there's 167 other ladies in the class at last count.

Hope you had a chance to enjoy weekend...


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Memories...

Easter brings to mind new Easter dress, shiny new shoes and (when I was a little girl) new white ruffled panties. Why my mother thought anyone would see our underwear, I don't know!

I was going through old pictures of my daughters the other day, and found several of the girls in their Easter dresses. My oldest daughter, Shanna always looked so uncomfortable in the pictures and Kellee is smiling pretty for the camera.

My dear Shanna....I always knew that deep down, she liked feeling pretty in her brand new dress and new shoes. There was no need for her to try so hard to make us think that she was so miserable. Isn't it funny how our children think that we don't now their every thought? She is no longer with us...she passed away three years ago. But if she was here today, I would share that story with her and laugh...and she would still say...I hated getting dressed up!!

Enjoy your children in their Easter finery and have a Happy Easter!

(dresses by Holly Farrell)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pain Free At Last.....with New Creations

A great big Thank You to those who wished me well during my headache from hell! I'm feeling better now and ready for a weekend of family, relaxation and creation. In other words, naps, seeing my kids and cutting and pasting! The piece above is something I just finished and will be posting in my Etsy shop today. The picture is actually my beloved's Menonite grandmother...the little one. Isn't she just the cutest?

This is from an altered book I've been working on for a while. I bought a box of 80 year old scrapbooks at an estate sale...This is one of them. I took it apart and started an altered book for the Music lover. This page was ruined from glued cards that had been peeled off so I took modeling paste and layered on then painted with a mixture of a soft pink and brown. It still needs to be aged but I love the quote...

This is the second page...the inside cover

The bottom half of the same page

The cover of the scrap book. A scrap of antique lace, a piece of an letter of 1897 and a beautiful pattern of the scrapbook....

The ghostly quality of this lady is just beautiful to me. She was in a 1920 copy of Redbook magazine that I found at the Flea Market. Apparently she was an eligible lady in her 20's....I guess an early version of online dating....

I wish you all a happy and blessed Easter weekend....

Have a great day,



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

12 Day Migraine

Fairies are Magical...maybe they have healing powers

This fairy is wishing for Hope and Joy....I'm hoping for my migraine to go away!!!

Several years ago, I had a book that was titled, I think "Heal Thyself" or something of that gave you a list of every illness that you could possibly have and what was "really" causing that illness.

I have suffered from migraines since I was 40 years old. At some point, in the past few years, I have narrowed down the cause to food allergies. There are many things that will give me a migraine within 20 the second. Chocolate, peanut butter, nuts and cinnamon. There are stressful times in my life that I will get a migraine but those times are few and far between. Avoiding nuts and cinnamon are extremely would be surprised at the number of foods that are prepared with cinnamon!

12 days ago, I ate an oatmeal cookie at work. One little cookie. I didn't taste cinnamon, I didn't smell cinnamon and there were no nuts visable in the cookie. Within 20 minutes I had a migraine. Twelve days later....I still have a migraine. I have taken a whole prescription of migraine medicine, countless non-narcotic and narcotic pain medications, finally got my prescription for my "rescue" IM meds (ouch, shots) that I get at home and have gotten THREE shots and still have the headache.

My point of referring to the book.....the book stated that a migraine was caused by something like going against the natural flow of life. Which makes me wonder.....I just returned to work two and a half weeks ago, after two months off and have had a migraine for twelve days.....GO FIGURE!!!!

I feel like work is intruding on my need to be in my studio and complete projects....Oh well, migraine or not....we need electricity and shelter and a little bit to eat every now and long as it doesn't contain Cinnamon!!

Have a great Day!!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Friday Art

A shadow box shaped like a house with rusty and old found items. A red roof and perfectly aged. This beautiful lady inside with her sassy fishnet hose is reading a fashion magazine while the gentlemen behind her is obviously having a very fine day! A great little piece just waiting for the perfect spot in your home! Pick it up today in my etsy shop ! After you do that....check out the other friday flea market finds . You'll be glad you did!!

Have a great day...