Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Memories...

Easter brings to mind new Easter dress, shiny new shoes and (when I was a little girl) new white ruffled panties. Why my mother thought anyone would see our underwear, I don't know!

I was going through old pictures of my daughters the other day, and found several of the girls in their Easter dresses. My oldest daughter, Shanna always looked so uncomfortable in the pictures and Kellee is smiling pretty for the camera.

My dear Shanna....I always knew that deep down, she liked feeling pretty in her brand new dress and new shoes. There was no need for her to try so hard to make us think that she was so miserable. Isn't it funny how our children think that we don't now their every thought? She is no longer with us...she passed away three years ago. But if she was here today, I would share that story with her and laugh...and she would still say...I hated getting dressed up!!

Enjoy your children in their Easter finery and have a Happy Easter!

(dresses by Holly Farrell)

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