Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whew....What a Week!

Today started out as a beautiful, sunny, spring morning. We brought our lunch downtown by the lake and enjoyed the breeze. These tulips are in full bloom.

The colors are absolutely beautiful aren't they?

I think we caught them just in time. Next weekend, I have a feeling they will start dropping their petals.

Today, they were standing tall in the breeze....

"My Sister, My Friend"


What a week I have had! Our patients are as sick as can be! It seems like everyone of them are angry, assaultive, suicidal or psychotic! When I left on Friday, I felt I barely escaped with my life! This past week makes me question my career choice and my ability to stay sane!

On a happier note....I've gotten to finish a little bit of art this week. I finished the collage posted above...It's on art board and covered with beeswax...I think it turned out beautiful. You can't see it but it says "The best thing about having a sister is always having a friend".

I'm also working on my dolls in my Suzi Blu Les Petite Dolls workshop. We started shading the faces this week.....I'm so out of my element with the colored pencils but it is fun! I'm a obsessive compulsive doodler and faces are something I draw all the time so it's nice to get some direction. It's also nice to see everyone else's work - there's 167 other ladies in the class at last count.

Hope you had a chance to enjoy weekend...


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Marie Reed said...

It sounds like you have been a very busy bee!