Wednesday, April 8, 2009

12 Day Migraine

Fairies are Magical...maybe they have healing powers

This fairy is wishing for Hope and Joy....I'm hoping for my migraine to go away!!!

Several years ago, I had a book that was titled, I think "Heal Thyself" or something of that gave you a list of every illness that you could possibly have and what was "really" causing that illness.

I have suffered from migraines since I was 40 years old. At some point, in the past few years, I have narrowed down the cause to food allergies. There are many things that will give me a migraine within 20 the second. Chocolate, peanut butter, nuts and cinnamon. There are stressful times in my life that I will get a migraine but those times are few and far between. Avoiding nuts and cinnamon are extremely would be surprised at the number of foods that are prepared with cinnamon!

12 days ago, I ate an oatmeal cookie at work. One little cookie. I didn't taste cinnamon, I didn't smell cinnamon and there were no nuts visable in the cookie. Within 20 minutes I had a migraine. Twelve days later....I still have a migraine. I have taken a whole prescription of migraine medicine, countless non-narcotic and narcotic pain medications, finally got my prescription for my "rescue" IM meds (ouch, shots) that I get at home and have gotten THREE shots and still have the headache.

My point of referring to the book.....the book stated that a migraine was caused by something like going against the natural flow of life. Which makes me wonder.....I just returned to work two and a half weeks ago, after two months off and have had a migraine for twelve days.....GO FIGURE!!!!

I feel like work is intruding on my need to be in my studio and complete projects....Oh well, migraine or not....we need electricity and shelter and a little bit to eat every now and long as it doesn't contain Cinnamon!!

Have a great Day!!


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Lori said...

that sounds terrible...i hope that migraine is gone ASAP...i love your sweet fairy collages:)