Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween at the Hospital....

There was fun for all yesterday at the psych hospital..this is just a few of the costumes. After spending the day celebrating Halloween a day early, we went out to dinner and then to the Goodwill store.

I picked up a cashmere turtleneck Talbots sweater for $3.00, a Banana Republic sweater for $3.00 and a J. Crew button down shirt for $3.50. I think I did well don't you??

Take care of your trick or treaters and yourself!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Sunday!

Emma Floats

Sally's Spring

It's the weekend and I finished a little bit of art. "Sally's Spring" has been in progress for of those paintings that just wouldn't say "I'm done now"!
I'm working on some sewing machine drawer shadow boxes....can't wait to show you.
Be good to yourself,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Those Curls!

She worked

Very Hard

To Keep Those Curls!

New artwork listing today at my website - JacksonSquare Studios. I'm having a hard time keeping up - alot of items have sold and I need fresh new paintings. I signed up for Mystele's Gut art class but haven't had a chance to start it yet...hoping for a chance to do that this weekend!

It's still raining, chilly and windy. Perfect weather to create...I'll post my work later. Hope you having a creative weekend.
Be good to yourself,

Friday, October 16, 2009


A pumpkin stemImage via Wikipedia

I looked at the date on my last post and realized that it has been quite a while since my last post! Going back to work has taken quite a toll on me, leaving me no time for blogging, tweeting, facebook or even painting. I'm lucky if I get to flip through a magazine before falling asleep at night. Not my idea of balanced life!! I'm hoping to get some painting done this weekend - my website is looking a bit bare!

I'd like to put a question out to those of you that artists...What type of crackle product do you use? I'm looking for a product that you use AFTER you finish the painting - everything I've used is the two step process that requires a contrasting coat of paint. I'm looking for the crackle that you can apply to the entire painting with a antiquing glaze or stain. Any ideas???

I hope you have great plans for the weekend...stay warm and dry..we're in the middle of a nor'easter.

Be good to yourself,
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blooms and Birds...and the return of my life!

A textured background

Acrylic Paint and Melted Oil Pastels

"Blossoms and Birds"

I am so delighted to have been given my life back! I saw my back surgeon today for my post-op visit....the last time I was there I was wheeled in in a wheelchair, in excruciating pain. Today, I walked in - a new woman! In my eyes, he is a miracle worker! I go back to work tomorrow with restrictions and start physical therapy this week. In order to prevent this from happening again (My spine is in terrible shape due to arthritis) I will need to get myself in shape and stay that way. (Here we go again!) Core exercises, yoga and weight loss....that's my prescription for good health.

Here's wishing you good health today.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Berries and Birds

"Berries & Birds"

I'm very drawn to birds these days. I wonder what that means? I have several more "bird" paintings in the works. Expect to see more.

Be good to yourself,


Thursday, October 1, 2009

97th post...and New Art

"If Only We Could Fly"

"She Always Picked the Best"

Two new pieces of art that will be added to the site today...little bits of whimsy for sale in my studio at JacksonSquare Studio. This month, all my large paintings have been DRASTICALLY reduced....really reduced, not just a little bit. The September 20% Sale is now over and the October sale is even better!! If there's something you've your eye on...check it out...

I just noticed that this my 97th post. So, I should probably do something special for my 100th post. Like a giveaway or something. What do you think? I think that today, I will start looking around my studio for a little basket to put together and see if can I pull together some things....I'm thinkin a 100th post parth. I don't think it's kind of thing you just let pass, right? Well, I've got two more posts to go to plan it!

So healing is going well....walking daily. Walked almost the entire block yesterday. Still in a lot of pain during the day and night and resisting the urge to take painkillers all day...trying to use ice and movement and rest..Sleeping (or should I see attempting to sleep) is still very difficult! My leg becomes very painful at night..I'm looking forward to physical therapy and some tips they may be able to give me with that. I have NOT enjoyed not being able to ride in a car for thisperiod of time! I have strict instructions to stay out of a car - as a driver and as a passenger for two weeks! NO FUN! I am getting a little stir crazy and would like to go for a ride at least to the pharmacy or to the art supply store to replace the bottle of matte medium I such luck!!

Before I go, I want to get serious and ask that anyone that reads my blog to please stop and take a minute to think of my sister who is having surgery today. She is 43 years old and has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has two teenage daughters, a wonderful husband and a wonderful life and out of nowhere, found a lump under her arm. Anyway, breast cancer can strike anyone, any age group, any family! This surgery is the first step in her treatment. I know that she will be ok with good medicine, healing thoughts, and prayer. Please include her in yours, if you will.
Have a great day, be good to yourself.
Have a great day! I'll be planning my 100th post party and will talk to you soon