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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day at the Beach

This is our camping site at Assateague Island. Isn't it great?
This is the view from the tent's a huge site!
The site backs up to the Chesapeake Bay.

This is the Bay View....This is usually where the horses
come from at night. They come right through our site every
night and walk through the camp. The first time it happened,
it scared us all to death.
It was like a stampede!

We drive on the ocean side to go to the beach.
People respect your space....see no one is around.

These are the closest neighbors we had all day!

We had a group of wind surfers to watch for most of the day....
pretty cool!!

But the star of the show at Assateague is always the horses!
Sometimes, there 10 or 15 on the beach in one day..
We only saw a couple on Sunday,
it was a perfect day.
We will be going back next weekend!
Hope you had a great day too!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday update

Emma's Garden
available on Ebay
auction ends June 6
It's been an exciting week for me! The opening of my own Ebay store has been both frightening and exhilerating. I've been selling with a group of artists for many months now and have been quite successful. After a couple of hiccups along the way, I decided that what was best for me was to sell on my own. This first group of auctions went well....I love watching the bidders that get their bids in early and wait it out and then at the last minute two or three bidders swoop in and snatch the painting out of their hands! I always feel a little sorry for the original bidder! I wonder if the first couple of bidders have forgotten about the auction or if they are just not quick enough to get their bids in. Curious to know if you think about those things too?
This group of auctions had some disappointments, too! I expected things to move a little slower than usual but I haven't had an unsold item all year and I have to admit, it hurts my ego, just a bit. I tell myself that it's to be expected, my views are not what they were with the group (our feedback scores were combined to make a score of well over 2,000) which leaves my unattended score of only 61 at the present time. So (as I take a deep breath) I will keep pushing through and celebrate the sales that I do have!
Today I'm working on artwork to send out to the gallery...I'm artist #57. I'm going to consider that a lucky number! Have a great Saturday!
Be good to yourself..