Friday, October 16, 2009


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I looked at the date on my last post and realized that it has been quite a while since my last post! Going back to work has taken quite a toll on me, leaving me no time for blogging, tweeting, facebook or even painting. I'm lucky if I get to flip through a magazine before falling asleep at night. Not my idea of balanced life!! I'm hoping to get some painting done this weekend - my website is looking a bit bare!

I'd like to put a question out to those of you that artists...What type of crackle product do you use? I'm looking for a product that you use AFTER you finish the painting - everything I've used is the two step process that requires a contrasting coat of paint. I'm looking for the crackle that you can apply to the entire painting with a antiquing glaze or stain. Any ideas???

I hope you have great plans for the weekend...stay warm and dry..we're in the middle of a nor'easter.

Be good to yourself,
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Micki said...

Hi it's Micki from over at Mysteles gut art class, I noticed that no-one had answered this question yet so thought I would as I am a certified crackle addict!

I use a large variety for crackles but my favourite of all to go over the top of a finished painting is Decoart's one step crackle, there has only been once that it didn't work for me and that was in high humidity teperatures, otherwise it works great eveytime.

Just slap it on with an old brush (make sure any none waterproof stuff in your work has been sealed first though with a spray sealer otherwise it may run) all over the painting or just in small sections and wait for it to dry! you can also speed it up with a hairdryer which will give you bigger cracks too.

Anymore questions about crackles feel free to ask, I love the stuff!!

micki x