Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taking a Day of Rest

Emily and Alex

This is the painting I've been working on for one the twins birthday presents. My nieces will be 24 later this month - I have raised them since a couple years after their mother died (my baby sister). They have turned out to be two beautiful young ladies - I dislike saying "nieces" because I think of them as my daughters. I love them so much. I know that my girls have always thought of them as sisters as well. So here's one painting finished - I scanned it and it looks a little dirty, it's really not as shabby as it looks here. It's actually really sweet. Lindsay's is finished as well, but just not waxed yet.

I'm taking a much needed day of rest. I think I worked 16 days in a row then had an epidural injection in my spine yesterday. Oh my Goodness, did that hurt! No medication to relax me, nothing...just a big ole needle deep into my discs that have no room in between the bones. I had no color in my face to begin with because I was feeling nauseous before I got there...I walked out of there lookin CHALKY. Yesterday was the worst day I've had in a while. Anyway, today's a bit better. Stomach still a bit queasy but my back doesn't feel as bad as yesterday and my leg doesn't feel that it weighs 50 lbs! Today..just rest and naps. That's it. I'm at the edge of exhaustion!

I just discovered Zazzle and all it has to offer. I can put my artwork on notecards, greeting cards, shoes....the possibilities are endless. I created a bunch of little notecards this morning and posted them for sale. They are really cute for less than $3.00. Take a look at my shop..It's JacksonSquare Studios....

I'll be back with more art soon...and if you haven't already...go to my website..

Have a lovely day,


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Cindy Shea said...

Karen, your stepping up and raising your nieces after their mother's passing just really warmed my heart. I only wish the evening news was filled with such heartwarming stories such as yours each day. People like you deserve to be celebrated for their selfless acts. :)