Sunday, September 13, 2009

Art Updates

Precious and Me

A beautiful little fairy with her kitty "Precious"


Dancing Doll

My daughter my friend

It's been difficult to paint this week...the injection I got in my back seems to have made things worse. The doctor seems to think that the discs that were injected may have herniated or ruptured so I am getting a new MRI on Monday. Meanwhile, I am barely walking, am sleeping in a chair and am in the worst pain I've ever been in my life! I'm just hoping that once the doctor diagnosis the problem that they fix it QUICK!

I'm adding these little canvases to my website this week. They are the bright colors and all of them have either wooden knobs or glass knobs on top! They will be priced at $24.95....what a DEAL!! Go to and pick up one today!!

Have a great Sunday!!


1 comment:

Stephenie said...

Your paintings are beautiful.. I love the little girl with her kitty.. Just to cute..
I hope your back feels better.. Those back problems are nothing to mess with.. They really cause so much pain.. I really hope you're okay.. I'll be thinking of you..