Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gweneviere's Prayer

Gweneviere's Prayer, originally uploaded by jacksonsquarestudios.

My new mixed media piece available online at jacksonsquarestudios. She's a bit different from my usual whimsical girls but I'm trying to use different textures and backgrounds and the these colors just "spoke" to me. Funny how sometimes you put the pencil in your hand and start sketching and what comes out on paper is not what you saw in your head. Once she started to form on the paper, I realized that she was exactly what I wanted to paint! I'm having so much fun stocking my web studio....I'm painting with wild abandon (LOL)....trying very hard not to sell anything on E-bay right now cuz I need to "stock my shelves" so to speak. I'm working on an adorable piece called "Bounce". I can't wait to show you - I'm in love with the dark colors I'm using - a great steel blue or slate gray (depends how the light is shining) textured paint background and painting on lots of faded book paper .

So this Ms. Gweneviere will be up on the site tonight as soon as my wayward gets back to school and posts here...I'm a bit challenged as to how to make a "thumbnail" and other essentials of the website - I tried to do it myself and my pictures were HUGE!!! I think that I'm going to have to break down and watch the tutorials....Oh boy, do I need an assistant!

Have a great Sunday!


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