Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eartha and the Angel

"Eartha and the Angel"

Mixed media on wood panel
sold on E-bay yesterday

The gray kitty is painted in honor of my best friend's kitty "Eartha"
who lived an believable 20 years!
She didn't have polka dots but she did have beautiful eyes!
She looked like she woke up and put her eyeliner on every day!
I told you in a previous post that I was launching a website for my artwork....WHEW! Thank goodness, my son is helping me. Between working full time, blogging, tweeting, adding photos to Flickr, selling art on E-bay (I've got to make money to support my art supply habit!! LOL) and working full's very difficult to find time to make the decisions involved in starting a website, much less actually DO the work and PAINT! Michael has pulled through like a real business partner and I'm so grateful for everything he's done!! He's majoring in business at Clemson - with the intention of using that degree as a backup plan with his real goal of going into law enforcement. I don't know...I'm seeing a very smart businessman. Maybe he should rethink his goals....
Speaking of Flickr...I'm loving my new Flickr badge on my sidebar...did you happen to see it??
Okay...this post is long for me...I don't have this much time!! Have a great weekend! I hope to get two or three paintings completed! Wish me luck!

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The Paris Salon said...

Hi Karen!!
I just checked my blog visitor feed and had to come visit...what a good decision that was!! I love this painting!! I'm trying to develop some face drawing skills with Pam Carriker currently (blog = the bag lady's art on blogspot) and have a LOOOOOOOONG road ahead!! Hope you have a great weekend, and I'm watching for those new paintings ;)