Saturday, August 29, 2009


Jane, originally uploaded by jacksonsquarestudios.

I am working overtime at the hospital and in the studio. My job is intruding upon my creative time - so much so that I am trying to cram in painting in my off hours and I end up being exhausted when it finally catches up with me. Today I had to go in to the hospital to audit charts and I realized that it was my 14th day in a row of working! No wonder I am exhausted.

This is my newest painting - Jane. I named her Jane because I was so inspired after taking the face painting class by Jane Des Rosier. I love painting my little girls but these angels....I could just paint all day!

Tuesday is September 1..starting the count down until the Country Livin Fair....we're making the 8 hour drive for the weekend! I can't wait!! Are you going??

I need some rest..going to work in the morning for some more audits. Have a great evening!


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