Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's the Flea Market!

I don't know about the flea markets you like to go to, but there a couple of markets here that always have the BEST things - you just have to dig for them. One particular flea market is a weekend market that love! She puts out the best furniture and other marketable things for dealers on Friday morning and you can't get a parking space within a mile - or if you do, you have to fight the antique dealers for the merchandise. The good thing is...they are out of there by noon. The rest of the weekend, you are free to browse in the hundreds of boxes of that are just randomly filled ( and I do mean randomly!!)

I'm sure that she goes to the same auctions that my loved one and I do and buys the boxed lots of belongings for a few dollars and brings it to her market and adds it to the hundreds more that she already has. She has wooden buildings stuffed to the ceilings with chairs, tables, goodness knows what else! I can't imagine that she knows what's back there.

On Friday, in the freezing cold, we were digging through some of the boxes and found some amazing scrapbooks! One book was kept by a young wife in the 1940's who was obviously very in love with her husband. There was page after page of love letters, poetry that he had written for her, little snippets of poetry with handwritten notes stating "Sven read to me last night", and many other mementos of their life together. We thought it so sweet that we found the book the day before Valentine's Day.
In addition to this scrapbook, we found a couple of scrapbooks filled with vintage Christmas cards, a scrapbook from the Ladies Music Club from 1924 - 1926, and a ledger from 1858. The handwriting in the ledger is absolutely beautiful! Those boxes held some unbelievable treasures don't you think?

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day Weekend!


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