Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Making the Switch!!

Hello....Welcome to my blog. I've spent the last couple of months on Typepad but decided to peek into Blogger last night after struggling for weeks on the whole "adding a widget" thing and feeling like all my smarts had flown out the window. It took me all of about three minutes to set my blog up....so I was SOLD!

That's my art work....I have a Lollishop...Jackson Square Delicious and an Etsy Shop...Jackson Square Collections. You can buy any of my designs at either shop. That cute little pink number is a part of a set of four magnets..... They are all different but all beautiful if I must say so myself.

I'm working hard right now to do as much as possible...I'm on medical leave for shoulder surgery. I know that I should be resting ( I AM a nurse) but I am trying to take advantage of all this time at home! But...yesterday, as I was getting dressed, I heard a LOUD pop and since then, I have been in some serious pain and unable to move my arm. I was able to make a set of magnets this morning by keeping my arm close to my to my ribs! I hope that this doesn't set me back any and I certainly don't want to put the scissors down.... I can't even go shopping, I can't let my arm hang down.

So...I'm off to get an ice pack. Stop by and see me on Lollishops or Etsy, or on the Friday Flea Market site or check back with me again here sometime....

Bye, bye...


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