Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's Have a Soap Bubble Party!

Shopping in a thrift store and found the cutest children's book.. It was given to some lucky little girl in 1945 for Christmas and the inside cover pages were this charming blue and white polka dot paper! Collaged with pages from the book, vintage ribbon and buttons and a layer of beeswax, a set of four magnets were born.

I have to say, fellow artists and creators....working from home is hard work! I think I'm "working" longer hours, recuperating from surgery than I did when was actually leaving my house for work. Creating during the day, e-mailing, posting,, my it goes on and on! But....this is much more rewarding. I may never go back to work again....

Bye, Bye


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Keepsake Cakes said...


So glad you want to join in the party!!! Let me know if you need any links to catch up with things... Have a great day... oh and I agree life working at home goes by fast... if only I was making money...hmmmm

Have a supper day~
Chelsea Ann