Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making the Most of Monday (on Tuesday)..

Check out the Vintage Indie blog and post your goals and ideas for your week! It's a great idea to look at your Monday as a fresh start for the week. When I go to my office, I always start off the week with lists - now that I'm off on medical leave, I'm not so good at that. I've been just taking the days as they come and find that I'm not accomplishing as much as I should.

So this week I would like to:

Spiff up my living room...Two new chairs were delivered today and we are almost finished painting the armoire so I want to finish that room.

Complete the unfinished projects in my art studio. (Not all of them, just the ones almost complete)

Take care of my little man Jackson....He had his little man parts removed today and is one little pathetic mess right now.

Going to nurse a doggie now...

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Vintage Indie said...

Good morning,

Thank you for participating in Making the Most of Monday! Share your armoire with us when your done, could you?