Friday, February 27, 2009


I woke up this morning at 5am with the determination that this was the day that I was going to organize my studio. After walking my guys, settling in with my coffee and my laptop, I proceeded to start to look for shelves, and other organization tools to make my life easier. I finally decided that the Target website had the best deals with the look that I liked and proceeded to fill my shopping cart. I found a cute table top shelf that was perfect for patterned papers, sheet music, and the various other papers that I use all the time. I ordered a tall set of shelves that I could put all of my boxes, ledgers, and other things that I just tend to stack all around me....and I ordered a Shabby Chic hanging shoe holder. I saw on a Flickr group somewhere, that someone had used a vintage shoe holder for tags, papers, and various trims and other things. Although it was cream canvas, I thought it was better than nothing and today was the day and if I found a pretty one later...I would buy it then!

When I got to the Check Out....there was a problem with my Sign In....I put in my email..then my told me it didn't recognize it. I tried to reset asked me some questions and it said "Sorry, we don't recognize you with these answers". Finally, after sever more failed attempts, I "LISTENED" to what someone was trying to say to me and decided to hold off on my purchase and wait a little while!

Well.....we usually go to the Flea Market on Friday' know, just to look (yeah right!). It was a bit early and she was just setting up so we went to the new Goodwill store and I found a few goodies...specifically some vintage Simplicity & McCalls patterns and a Vogue Couturier pattern for a coat, skirt and blouse. What a find!! There were ten patterns in a bundle for $2.00. Right beside the patterns,'ll never believe it....a hanging shoe holder. Cream canvas!!! For $2.50. point! When we went back to the Market...sitting on the ground was a Table Top Shelf..hand made...with lots of little slots for paper, and any thing else I want to store! Can you believe it??? I've never even seen one of these before. It's so heavy, it's still in my car. I was hoping our handyman would still be here when we got home because I don't know how my bad shoulder is going to get it out of the car!! Serendipity!!!

What about the shelves, I'll bet you are wondering??? Well, I actually have some cute little built in shelves in the studio. I was just storing wood (that I collage) on the shelves. I don't know what I was thinking? I guess, I wasn't actually thinking at all! So I put the wood in a container in the closet, cleaned up the shelves....and there's my shelves. So.......instead of spending about $189.00 at Target this morning....I spent $2.50 on my brand new shoe holder from Goodwill (it was new in the package) and $12.00 on my table top shelf. $14.50 Not to bad!!

Now if I could just figure out how to hide that treadmill!! That's a project for another day. I think it may an old door or shutters.
Have a great Friday night,

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Roxanne said...

What a cute little blog you got here! Thanks for leaving a comment on mine...I just love comments! I'll be back to check on you. Tootle-loo!