Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Location for my Art

"Two Blessings"

molding paste,

old pastel,crayon

acrylic paint on 16x20 canvas.
All of my paintings are being listed now with "UnitedFolkArtists" on Ebay. You can simply search my name "Karen Cannon" and find my paintings up for auction...."Two Blessings" was just listed starting at .01!
It's been a week of highs a lows....I started out my week believing that I couldn't take on any more burdens that I had already been given. I put out a call to the Universe or God or whoever is in charge and asked to please slow down on the load because I was about to crack.
Since then, it seems that my life is starting to turn around. There's been some changes in my art representation but I have to think that this is a good move. I was contacted by a gallery who is interested in buying my art direct. The terrible flu that I caught on Wednesday seems to be easing up this morning....maybe life is beginning to get better! I don't usually lament about these things on my blog but I felt the need to put it out there that life is not always so great....and when it's not....the creative process saves some of my case, it does.
So, I'm taking good care of myself...I hope you are too.

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rachel awes said...

dear karen, liv at choosing beauty encouraged me to check out your blog, thinking i'd like it, and i wholeheartedly do! i'm now a follower! i love what you say about hope in a post below, love your sweet people & birds you paint, & simply the whole thing.
best & bloomiest spring joy to you. xo