Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Fun!

acrylic paint

gold leaf

neo color II crayons

I am on vacation as of 7am tomorrow morning....I think I did enough work in the past week for three weeks! Whew....I'm exhausted!
I'm loving the new visitors to my blog! So encouraging to hear from people that are interested in my art...I love visiting all of your websites and blogs. Such inspirational words and art from all of you!
Have an artful weekend and be good to yourself!


rachel awes said...

she's a beauty!
i especially
adore her
that's held
as deliciously
as ice cream scoops.
keep serving us up
your vacation!! x

Cary Cameron said...

Hi Karen! You have a lovely blog. Nice to see your work again! Beautiful pieces as always!

Anonymous said...


getting stuff done said...

OOh I love a flea market and creating from junk too! just popping over to say hi - am on the flying lessons e course too....

Kerri said...

oh, THAT painting is so lovely-
so glad to have stumbled upon your blog due to the flying lessons we're taking at the end of the month.

until then, i'll be a visitor of your blog- love it!!

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

lovely ladies! popping in from the Flying Lessons e-course! -Robin