Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hello Saturday!!

It's Saturday morning....5:30am! The dogs forgot it was my day off!! Just an update to say that I've completed TWO WEEKS on my diet !! YAY!! I lost 8 lbs the first week....unbelievable but who's to say how much I really lost because I was using different scales. Anyway, I'm finding it really easy to stick to Weight Watchers point system! Everyone at work is dieting or making lifestyle changes and I am curious to see how long this will last. I am determined to lose 40 pounds.

My goal is to complete 4 paintings this weekend.....I will post the finished product tomorrow evening....I only completed 3 last weekend but "Claire was 18x24 and her face was quite detailed..see my previous post. She's listed now at FindFolkArt on Ebay.

Stay warm this weekend....


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icandy... said...

YIPPEE! Congrats!
Your painting is beautiful!