Saturday, January 9, 2010



New original painting available at FindFolkArt, an amazing group of artists that I am honored to be a part of. Check out this amazing collection of Folk Art on Ebay, you can look at our listings by artist's name or just browse through all the beautiful art for sale. Look at my listings under my name..Karen Cannon. New art is added daily so check back often!!

Was way too tired today to finish two paintings, working toward my goal of 4 paintings this weekend. Got a lot to do tomorrow!

I read quite a few blogs today that chose a word for 2010...words that artists and crafters wanted to use for projects, inspiration, etc. I've thought alot of about this and am considering using the word "Possibility" There are so many possibilities for me in the coming year....This is a big decision...I'll think about it some more.

Stay warm and be good to yourself!


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