Friday, March 27, 2009

Spools, spools and more spools

Got a great deal on wooden spools which means they will be showin up in our Vintage Finds Shoppe.... They are in great shape and are in every size and shape. Most of them are FULL of thread, cotton name it. Great for crafts and projects! They are being sold in lots of 10 for $10.00 Step right on over to JacksonSquareHome to check out the vintage deals available today. If that one happens to be hold...not to worry...there's plenty more where that one came frome. I just need to re-list it. I just remembered that when I listed it I only listed quantity as 1 when there's like a bajillion!
Well...that's my Friday deal...I'm working many hours this week and haven't stepped foot in my studio and if I did my brain would be too fried to create a thing. This first week back at work is KILLING ME! Looking forward to resting up this weekend.....
Have a great Friday
Have a great Friday

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alicew said...

I love vintage thread spools! Hope you were able to have a relaxing weekend ;)
Thanks for stopping by!