Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Tales...

We've been hit with the snow storm that blanketed the North East on Sunday and Monday. As you can see...the dogs love it. We don't even have to walk Jackson...Chaney is glad to do it for us! And Jackson seems to enjoy walking with his brother!

This is the view outside my studio window...hard to believe there was 9 inches of snow yesterday. We haven't really had that much snow this year...Delaware only gets snow a couple times a year anyway but we were pretty much grounded yesterday.

Remember the shelves I found at the flea market? We got them upstairs...dragging, pushing, pulling...it was a sight, I tell you! But can you believe this? Look how big this is! I couldn't have bought something like this! When we turned it over, it had "Emergency Room" written on the back...so I'm sure that it held forms in the ER and now that they are paperless they don't need these anymore. I am getting so organized, I can't stand myself!! LOL

Lastly...here's a basket of Easter tags that are almost ready to go out to Andrea from Vintage Bella Studio. who organized an Easter tag swap. I've had a blast working on them and it's really gotten me in the Easter mood.....And in the mood for a giveaway. So watch for details soon!!
Off to finish my tags...putting them in the mail this afternoon...
Have a great Tuesday...

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