Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Painting....Wish for an Angel

Now Available on Ebay!


Thought I would share my newest painting...she's a mixed media angel I created on a wood panel. Cute isn't she?

I keep challenging myself, trying new things. My Layer Love class continues with Julie Pritchard. It's a painting class - creating backgrounds. The backgrounds are great for art journaling or other projects. I have not gotten involved in art journaling yet though I would like to. I am fascinated by the work of Teesha Moore and others like her. I'm not sure when I would find the time to do this but I think it so cool! I have always doodled on papers at work are covered with flowers, stars, shapes, etc. The more boring the meeting, the more doodling I do. I think I've decided that life would be so much easier if there were 36 hours in the day and I didn't need to sleep.

Have a great day!


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