Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow

She has Wings
(inspired by a Willow Tree angel)
We have been hit with a HUGE snowstorm this weekend! I've been stuck in a hotel since Friday....Administrator on Call at the hospital so it was my responsibility to make sure that all of my staff got to work safely and the hospital ran smoothly all weekend during the storm. Our staff pulled through like STORM TROOPERS!!! I couldn't ask for a better team....they've been here throughout the whole weekend, willing to take time away from their families in order to keep the hospital running seemlessly in this near disastrous time! As 3 feet of snow piled up outside, my staff took care of approximately 50 psychiatric patients and did it with a smile on their face! They are the best!!
I'm taking 4 days off this week...and boy do I need it after this!
We'll be digging out for days..We still can't get into our driveway. If I had my camera cord with me, I'd post pictures!! Be good to yourself!

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