Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fat Smash

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So, on a previous post, I mentioned my desire to lose weight, an ongoing battle!! Everyone at work is currently on the "Fat Smash Diet", the Dr. Ian Smith Diet of the Celebrity Fit Club. I don't know all of the details because my own book hasn't arrived in the mail yet but I do know the first nine days is a Detox program.

For the last three days I have eaten nothing but vegetables and fruit and water (okay, diet soda, too but that's it!) For the first two days, I would have slapped someone for a carb...yesterday I was standing in my co-worker's office and I felt for a moment that I might just pass out. I think that I could actually eat more during the day than the nectarine that I ate between the time I woke up and 5pm (that might have had something to do with the dizziness) but the raw vegetables that were packed in my bag just seemed unappealing to me!

The great thing about this part of the diet though is the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables. I love stopping at the produce stands on the way home from work and buying fresh picked vegetables and fruits for dinner. There's a very large open air market on my way home that is fast becoming my favorite place to shop! They offer samples of their melons, pineapple, cherries, blueberries, and strawberries . They offer local organic produce and carry just about every fruit and vegetable you can think of and some you've never seen or heard of. If you don't feel like cooking dinner, there's a guy outside on the BBQ. They even have a table of $1.00 items that are ready to eat....I bought a giant bag of tiny asparagus that were just ripe...I roasted them and OMG were they delicious!!

So....Day 4 of my 9 day Detox diet begins. Maybe my book will arrive today and I will know what is in store for me. I know that we are all losing weight (water weight) and feeling light as a feather..haha! I'm off to ship out some paintings that sold (thank you!) and plan for a family reunion.

Have a great day!,


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Cindy Shea said...

Wow the diet sounds great and I loved his show. The only thing is though, that you need protein daily for proper brain and body function. Does he have you eliminating it altogether for 12 days? If so that could be dangerous!

Carrie Gonzalez said...

Hi Karen,

Best of luck on your diet. I am trying to get more exercise in but for now chasing two little kids around will have to count as movement. lol I found the dress form for such a great price. I just love a good deal!

Take care,

Veronica said...

Okay so how is the dieting going? there is no way I could go one hour without a carb so I am very very impressed with you.